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Alba Science: Working with big clients on their level

What they say

“isCompliant lets us focus on doing our job, with the assurance that the other controlling processes are taken care of.”

How we helped

Alba Science work with some of the biggest brands in our everyday lives, so it is imperative that they have enterprise level processes that work well. Alba Science initially implemented isCompliant purely as a way of ensuring that their processes were more efficient and effective than the competition. The fact that it enabled them to get certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 without any added bureaucracy was a bonus!


Here are just a few of the benefits that Alba Science have identified by using isCompliant.

Big processes without the resource cost: isCompliant lets Alba Science have the processes normally associated with the larger enterprises without the resource costs usually associated with them, allowing them to compete for big contracts.

Saving hours each day on audits and inspections: Auditing and inspecting is an everyday occurrence in Alba Science to ensure that they continually meet the requirements of their Standard Operating Procedures. This was previously a laborious task; it involved an internal auditor taking handwritten notes during the audit, typing them up, emailing the results and actions to their colleagues, then chasing up individuals to ensure the actions had been completed. Since implementing isCompliant, they have saved at least two hours a day by making the audit process simple. The internal auditor now chooses their standard audit template and types their findings straight into isCompliant using a laptop or tablet. They allocate actions as they work, which are automatically sent to the assigned person and the auditor is informed once those actions have been completed.

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