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Be ready for anything in the brave new world

Only one thing has been a constant in the past few months, and that’s change. While the UK at large is gradually returning to some semblance of normality, we still wake every day to challenging headlines: sudden local lockdowns, countries added to the travel quarantine list, or suppliers announcing a raft of positive cases amongst their workforce. The future has never been more uncertain. So, what do we do about it? It’s time to get ready for the brave new world.

Survival of the fittest

Charles Darwin had it right. It’s a blunt statement, but it’s the healthiest and fittest who are escaping the effects of COVID-19. Because of this, we all have a duty to look after our bodies and minds in this important moment of history. By doing so, we’re not only looking after ourselves but maximising the collective well-being of the herd. And this extends way beyond our physical and mental health: by looking after ourselves and our businesses, we’re adding both to the health of the nation and its economy.

What makes a fitter business?

We’ve listened to the heart-breaking stories of business who’ve gone to the wall. Equally though, we’ve celebrated the success stories, too. From restaurants repurposing as groceries in response to fresh food scarcity, to fishermen knocking out the middlemen to sell direct from Facebook, to bakeries delivering home-baking kits and video tutorials. What do all these businesses have in common? A can-do attitude and the right technology.

The right tools and an attitude to match

The businesses who’ve made it invariably embrace technology to get their products and services out there when the usual channels have disappeared. These businesses have adapted quickly to working from home, adopting cloud-based technologies to enable remote working, or hybrid working both in and out of the office. They’ve also got themselves organised – spent less time fretting and more time doing. They’ve been willing to reinvent themselves to stay afloat. These basic foundations of business – responsive tools, cloud-based technology, a sense of order, and the desire to reimagine or improve, are the very cornerstones of isCompliant (, our business management software.

isCompliant and your business in the new normal

We are progressing towards normality, but still have no idea what business will be like as the UK’s recession bites and we endure further local, or national lockdowns. The only way to be ready for anything is to assemble an armoury, with the right technology, cloud-based systems, and the 24-7 support you need to achieve business quality, organisation and resilience in an uncertain world. isCompliant is supporting SMEs across the UK do just that right now. And these companies will be the ones still standing when the COVID battleground clears. Still earning, still thriving, still providing for their loves ones in the brave new world.

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