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Being seen: Incidents and homeworking

Issues and incidents

In recent months, the way the UK works has changed dramatically. We were not long ago a nation who piled into city centres on overcrowded tube trains every morning. We have now become a population of head-set wearing homeworkers presentable from the waist up. It seems like everything has changed. Or has it?

Recording incidents in the workplace

Every workplace comes with its own risks, and a good employer will make it a priority to ensure these are identified and mitigated for the safety of staff. Take that ‘cleaning in progress’ sandwich board outside the canteen just when you fancy a coffee. While it’s a pain to wait around for your cup o’ joe, it may just mean that you save yourself an injury. Every incident must be reported – every stapled finger, every bump in the warehouse forklift. And the reason? Recording incidents like these, however minor, cumulatively lends to the increased safety and well-being of the workplace. Risks are identified and lessened by proactive management. Crucially, reporting makes sure incidents are seen.

Incidents at home – out of sight, out of mind?

But what happens now? Most of us are at home, working in the privacy of our spare room or home office. Our working day is much less visible to employers. If an incident occurs when we are working from home, should we just patch ourselves up and get on with things? Just how does your employer make sure that incidents, wherever they occur, can still be seen?

Transparent incident recording, wherever you are

isCompliant is cloud-based which enables you and your people to record incidents from wherever they are. isCompliant doesn’t just record the incident, it makes sense of it. The incident is allocated to the specific project in which it occurred. That then allows the system to invoke RACI roles – ensuring that someone has responsibility and accountability for what’s happened. It ensures the appropriate people are consulted and informed. In addition, isCompliant will let you know if an incident has occurred due to a direct failure in a specific risk assessment, allowing you to move quickly to change things. That’ll make your next audit less of a headache, too.

Everyone needs to feel ‘seen’

As humans, we share a fundamental need to ‘be seen’; to be valued and acknowledged. And, as we move toward a permanent homeworking landscape, this becomes increasingly important. Proper incident reporting plays its own small but crucial part. Incidents don’t just happen in isolation – they happen to real people. Apart from our physical safety, we need to ensure effective reporting for our psychological safety too. Because we all matter.

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