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COVID-19: Could now be the time to get your business ship-shape?

You may have seen in the news that COVID-19, alongside the devastation it has caused, has brought unexpected benefits to our planet. Air quality is rapidly improving, disparate communities now pull together, and fish are even reappearing in the canals of Venice. But could this time of lockdown also benefit your business? Yes, it could.

More time for strategy

Many of us have been crying out for home and flexible working for years, and Coronavirus has forced the hand of employers to make it happen. We’re discovering that, without exhausting commutes and the interruptions of busy offices, we’re all more productive. Couple this with some reduction in trading, and suddenly we all have more time on our hands.

A positive focus during lockdown

With isolation comes an opportunity to really get our teeth into projects. It’s a pause that could strategically benefit your business, while having new focus could protect your mental health too. So, if you want to get your business affairs in order, now is the time.

A no-contact 60-day trial and online support

To help you, we’re offering a free 60-day trial without obligation. If, after that, you don’t want to continue, you can walk away. But during that time, we’ll provide a comprehensive online demo, a remote team of support ninjas and a portfolio of tutorials to get you cracking. Whether you’ve been striving to achieve compliance, or simply want to clean up and re-energise your business, isCompliant can help. We don’t even need to come near you.

Recovery in a new market

Focus on improvement during this period of lockdown and you’ll reap the benefits when the UK opens back up. You’ll have greater resilience, improved business quality, and compliance will give you an edge in the scrabble for market share. Instead of being one of those unlucky companies that goes to the wall in uncertain times, yours could be one that comes out stronger. Ready to thrive in the new normal.

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