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isCompliant: Got your six

It’s a phrase that’s immediately familiar to military personnel, and to fervent NCIS fans. Now you think of it, you’ve probably heard it now and then. But what’s it got to do with compliance?

‘I got your six’ was a saying coined by World War I fighter pilots who’d refer to a pilot’s rear as the six o’clock position. (Think about an analogue clock face and you’ve got it.) It essentially means ‘I’ve got your back, I’ve got you covered, I’m right behind you’ – a bold expression of selfless assistance in combat that reassured the poor guy up front. These days, it’s entered popular culture, where it’s a simple phrase that conveys your confident, committed support for another.

Now back to us.

See, the thing is: we got your six.

When you use isCompliant to help run your business and progress towards compliance, you’re never without back-up. Check out that little green ‘Help’ icon in the bottom right of your screen. It’ll search our FAQs as you type, and if you still can’t find an answer, just type a message in there and we’ll email you back – fast. (We’re insanely competitive ‘support ninjas’, so you won’t have to wait long for our reply.) If you prefer to talk things through, just phone us and we’ll give you one-to-one help. If you’re up against it and working in the small hours, we’re still around: our support site is full to bursting of concise video tutorials and, should you need it, the entire user manual is up there too. Hit a snag while you’re using the isCompliant system itself, and you can click on the feedback tab at any time to tell us about it. We’ll add it to our ‘bug herd’ and get it sorted, once and for all. Happy days.

We’ve built this comprehensive support infrastructure because we know that to run a business, you need two things: the right tools and a great team. isCompliant is both; it’s not only an intelligent system that facilitates good business, but a system that brings with it a committed, fast-response support team, as standard.

So, next time you feel you’re getting a little bit bruised by this crazy life that is running a business, just check behind you.

Who’s got your six?

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