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isCompliant’s must-have ingredients for a virtual Office Christmas Party!

Virtual christmas party

While vaccinations are rolling out across the UK in Covid’s new take on the Coca-Cola truck, they most certainly won’t be in time to save the 2020 office Christmas party. So, we’ve come up with some brilliant ideas for you to create your own festive mash-up. Now, while some of us may be suffering from Zoom fatigue, there are unexpected benefits. A virtual office party is, by its very nature, free from the embarrassment of reckless photocopying and public hangovers. What’s not to love?

The obligatory Christmas jumper

The virtual office party was MADE for the Christmas jumper. Attendees shouldn’t be allowed to join the meeting unless they are wearing one, or at least have created an acceptable festive alternative. Bear in mind that Friday 11 December is Christmas Jumper day for Save the Children. Wear your jumper and donate £2 to help children worldwide. Christmas Jumper Day 2020 | Save the Children UK

Virtual secret Santa

With online deliveries ramped up this year, there’s no reason that the age-old tradition of ‘Secret Santa’ should fall by the wayside. You can even draw names virtually too with a Secret Santa generator (who knew?) Secret Santa Generator ( Adding a theme and a tight budget will inject a bit of comedy, too. Then, everyone can jump onto Amazon (other providers are available) to make their purchase and get it delivered to their allocated recipient. Save the ‘grand opening’ of presents for your virtual office party and watch those ‘happy’ faces…

Make your own Christmas lunch

Send out a suggested menu ahead of time, which each of your team can attempt to knock up themselves in time for the big day. You could compare the success of the creations at your office party, perhaps with a prize for the best-looking chipolatas, or the most creative Uber Eats cop-out?

Shake up a cocktail

The office party just wouldn’t be the same without some festive drinks, so perhaps there might also be a prize for the most ostentatious cocktail? A ‘small libation’ along with Christmas lunch may also be good preparation for the next couple of items on the agenda! Find cocktail ideas here: 82 best Christmas cocktail recipes – BBC Good Food

Sing your heart out

Once suitably warmed up by festive tipple (Please drink responsibly. Which, of course, means don’t spill…), it’s time for a spot of office karaoke. You may want to warn spouses, family members and pets what’s going on at your desk. A useful tool is Sync Video, which allows you and your guests to watch the same YouTube video at exactly the same time. It’s free to use and doesn’t require sign-up; simply invite guests to your room, queue up songs and get singing.

Charades anyone?

We may be coming over all Dickensian, but surely charades is just the perfect parlour game for a virtual office party? Limited screen views will only add to the comedy. Split your group into two teams and use a charades idea generator to choose your words and phrases. The person who’s acting out the charade uses the Zoom “spotlight” feature, and their team has one minute to figure out the phrase. Find quick charades ideas here: Charades: Words, Ideas Generator and use Zoom spotlight like this: Spotlighting participants’ videos – Zoom Help Center

And finally …

Whatever your plans this year, stay safe, stay happy, and have a very Merry Christmas form all of us at isCompliant!

Credits: Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash

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