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What Stephen King knows about protecting your business

Stephen King

“There’s no harm in hoping for the best as long as you’re prepared for the worst.”

Being prepared is not pessimism

So said Stephen King, probably the globe’s most acclaimed horror writer and surprisingly nice guy. Unwittingly, Stephen has also hit the nail on the head describing how ISO standards can prepare us for the worst that life and business can throw at us. Let’s be honest, in the UK we’ve had our fair share of crises over the past year. And we’re not out of the woods yet.

Like Stephen King says above, by all means hope for the best, but, while you’re at it, be ready for the worst. Good business owners have one eye on the horizon – scanning for the unseen crisis that might just come their way, anticipating the risks posed to themselves and their people. But how can normal punters like us possibly predict what’s going to happen and how we might have to deal with it? There is a solution – a set of parameters that any business can adopt to help face anything. No crystal ball needed. Just ISO standards.

ISO Standards prepare us for the best and worst of days

ISO Standards are a set of voluntary international standards that are applied to every aspect of human life: from food, to toys, to technology, to business – right through to climate change. When two countries at opposite sides of the globe share the same standards, they’re essentially speaking the same language, and can work together on a level playing field. But ISO standards are so much more than that. They set a benchmark of quality, risk awareness, and responsible business behaviours that not only increase prosperity, but safeguard against potential predicaments we couldn’t possibly even guess at.

Key ISO Standards

A handful of key ISO standards go a very long way in preparing your business for the worst. Take ISO 9001 – Quality Management, for example. If any company – no matter the size – has achieved certification in this standard, consumers can have equal confidence in the quality of their business and products as compared to a big corporate. Moreover, certification proves that the holder has embedded robust processes that will stand strong in a crisis. Add to that ISO 27001, and you’re not only protecting your business against the perils of cyber-attack, but protecting your suppliers, clients and other stakeholders from exposure too. ISO 45001 ensures safety across all forms of business, and – ultimately – can save lives. And these are just a few of the big ISO players – so you can see what we’re driving at. Standards anticipate and protect against the unforeseen.

isCompliant: helping you achieve certification

ISO standards are more than a set of rules or aspirations. They’re a global language we should all learn to speak, to ensure prosperity and to safeguard against the unseen crisis that might just be round any corner. And in 2020 and 2021, there have been plenty crises to go around. Let’s hope for better days ahead, but prepare for the worst while we’re at it.

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