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Trading in a pandemic: welcome to the lockdown hokey cokey

Business survival

In, out, in, out – it seems that running a business is more hokey cokey than anything else at the moment. Surely it was just a minute ago that offices were starting to re-open. Now we’ve all been sent home again, as England starts the dreaded #Lockdown2. Just like the annoying dance, your business needs balance and flexibility to stay standing when all’s done, and you’re left trying to make ends meet.

Which businesses will make it?

One factor, more than all others put together, will decide which businesses will be left standing on that metaphorical dancefloor when all this is over. And that’s whether they’ve got the tools to cope with the rigours of trading in a pandemic.

Hard copy is hard work

Those companies who store all their key information in office-based filing cabinets and hard drives are struggling, or have already gone to the wall. To enable staff to work from home, they’ll inevitably undertake a mammoth task of saving, copying, and emailing files here, there and everywhere. Cue inevitable issues of version control, information security, data transit and the rest – all on top of the increased workload creating by setting up at home again. It’s a logistics, security and staff morale nightmare. But here’s the thing. It’s entirely avoidable.

Cloud-based is with you everywhere

Cloud-based technologies enable businesses to run from wherever their people are. This is making the concept of ‘the office’ itself largely irrelevant. Take our business management system, isCompliant. Ensuring that your communications and key information are held in one central place. isCompliant ensures data is absolutely secure, it gathers your business life into one integrated, visual and proactive dashboard. Because it’s cloud-based, you and your people can access everything they need from wherever they might be working. No version issues, no data breach or loss, no drama. Just business.

Be ready to shake it all about

This lockdown may just be the second in a long list of them to come. But, with isCompliant, that doesn’t really matter. Whether you’re at your city-centre desk, or spare room in the suburbs. What’s more, if you have audits coming up, or are on the path to ISO certification right in the middle of a pandemic (respect!), it can help you too. So, are you ready for the next lockdown hokey cokey?

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